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The following is a list of Jury Trials with verdicts, hung juries or outcomes resulting from evidence exonerating the Defendant, where Mr. Sherman was defending the accused.

Please keep in mind that these are only a fraction of the cases handled by Mr. Sherman. Many more cases were resolved without a Jury Trial where the State decided to drop or reduce charges, and/or the Defendant decided to accept the State’s plea offer.

Successful Defense Cases

Attorney Bradley Sherman believes people seeking to hire a criminal defense attorney should know if that attorney is successful in defending their Clients.

State of Florida v. Tyrone Davis; Case Number 2013-102944 CFDL. Mr. Sherman has been representing Tyrone Davis for over two years in defending Mr. Davis against two counts of First Degree Murder. In November of 2014, a 12 member jury was impaneled and after a weeklong trial they were deadlocked. The jurors could not agree as to whether there was enough evidence to convict Mr. Davis of any wrongdoing. A Not Guilty verdict or dismissal of all charges is the best you can do for a criminal Client, but Mr. Sherman takes great satisfaction (along with Mr. Davis) with stopping the State of Florida from being able to convince an entire jury of their theory of the case.

Case 11-35714 CFAES; David Weston, Jr.; 1 week jury trial; charged with Racketeering and Conspiracy to Commit Racketeering; Not Guilty Verdict rendered by Jury on March 29, 2012.

State of Florida v. Troy Edward Green, Jr.; 2013-306647 CFDB. Troy Green is very satisfied with the outcome of his case. During 2014 Mr. Green was charged with Felony Battery and was facing a mandatory prison sentence. After a year of working on the case, Mr. Sherman was able to show that the State’s witnesses were unreliable and the State ended up agreeing to a Misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct charge and Mr. Green did not have to go to jail and he did not have to serve any probation.

State of Florida v. K L P; 2014-302909 CFDB. In 2011 and 2012, Client K L P stole thousands of dollars from her employer. KLP was facing a mandatory prison sentence in excess of two (2) years. Earlier this year (2015), Mr. Sherman was able to have KLP placed on probation with no jail time. This was a great success because KLP cares for minor children and a prison sentence would have been devastating.

State v RB; 2014-302585 CFDB; RB was chared with a 2nd degree Felony, Dealing in Stolen Property. Mr. Sherman was able to negotiate a diversionary program for RB so that he could avoid jail and probation.

State v MB; 2013-102784 CFDL; MB was charged with Aggravated Assault with a firearm, carrying a 3 year minimum mandatory jail sentence. Mr. Sherman was able to bypass the Prosecutor and convince the Judge to give the Client probation with no jail time. The Client was put on probation in August of 2014 and is still enjoying his freedom today.

State v SB; 2012-2846 CFAWS and State v AR; 2012-2845 CFAWS; These Clients were charged together with Felony Grand Theft and Scheme to Defraud. Mr. Sherman was able to have their cases dismissed after completing a short diversion program.

State v MF; 2014-102— CFDL; Client was charged with child abuse for disciplining her own child. Mr. Sherman convinced the Prosecutor to drop the charges and now there is no public record of what happened.

State v JG; 2014 – 101805 CFDL; State v HW; 2013-107736 MMDL; these are just a few of many former Clients charged with drug possession charges who ended up getting no jail and no probation. Call Bradley Sherman if you want to hear about more past Clients who ended up with a happy result.

Case 08-3601 CFAWS; Edward Darrell Traylor; 2 week jury trial; 20 count information including Racketeering, Grand Theft, Defrauding a Financial Institution; Judgment of Acquittal granted August of 2009 on 11 of 20 counts; hung jury on remaining 9 counts; Re-trial conducted on remaining counts during May of 2010; mistrial declared after jury selection and one day of testimony due to State’s late disclosure of witnesses (discovery issues).

Case 09-1803 CFAWS; Orestes Olmo; acquittal and found not guilty of both Aggravated Assault on Law Enforcement Officer and Carrying a Concealed Weapon. May of 2010.

2008-2868 CFAWS; Court appointed to represent Joshua Miller; charged with 2 count of Burglary and 2 counts of Grand Theft; Jury Verdict not guilty of 1 count of Burglary and 1 count of Grand Theft and Guilty of 1 count of Burglary and 1 count of Grand Theft; March 2009.

2008-30959 CFAES; Darius Bush; charged with Carjacking; Jury Selected and Sworn May of 2008; charges dismissed by State during 1st day of trial due to insufficient evidence; key State witness admitted there had been a mistake with photo line-up.

Case No.: 07-02120 CFAWS; ANGEL ALICEA, charged with multiple counts of Sexual Battery on a Child under 12; hung jury – mistrial. April, 2008.

CASE NO.: 06-01208 CFAWS; Court appointed to represent CHRISTOPHER DAVID PLOTNER, acquittal and found not guilty of Robbery with a Weapon; February 2007

2004-01379 CFAWS; Court appointed to represent MICHAEL SALAS, charged with premeditated murder; State sought death penalty; Jury Verdict Guilty with majority vote for life in prison; Summer of 2006.

CASE NO. 02-33275 CFAES, Court appointed to represent DWAYNE DARNELL HANKINS, charged with premeditated murder; State sought death penalty; Jury Verdict Guilty with majority vote for life in prison; January, 2005.

05-00136 CFAWS; court appointed to represent STEFAN A. ARMSTRONG; found guilty of Robbery; On appeal the 5th District Court of Appeals found the trial court committed reversible error and remanded the case back to the trial court for a new trial. APPEAL CASE NO.: 5D-05-1884. Another attorney handled the retrial. 2005.

CASE NO.: 2004-CF-001189-A-02; LISA VALERIE KIRBY, Defendant; Acquittal and Not Guilty of Grand Theft; Lake County, Florida, Summer of 2004

Before 2004, Mr. Sherman accumulated jury trial experience as a prosecutor in Volusia County, Florida. Click Here to see some of the jury trial results from when Mr. Sherman represented the State of Florida for Felony Crimes from 2000-2004.

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